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We have a core team of professional consultants complemented by an extensive network of specialists whom we engage on a project-by-project basis to meet specific community project requirements..

Abid Jan

Abid Jan

Team Lead

…Abid Jan is a community development and project management professional with 22 years + of experience working of a range of multi-million dollar projects from poverty alleviation to human resource development, natural resource management, GIS systems, organizational development, crime prevention and community economic development.


Jackie Miller

Strategic Planning Expert

…Jackie Miller is a passionate leader in community development with demonstrated strength in relationship bldg. through consultation, facilitation and negotiation. Jackie has a solid understanding and respect for diversity and cultural awareness. Ability to communicate complicated messages to various audiences. Project management isone of her core strengths.


Syed Subtain Hussain

GIS Expert

…Sabtain Hussain Syed is a GIS specialist who has more than 19 years of versatile experience across diverse organizational domains and significant exposure in rendering consultancy to EMIS, School Mapping Consultant, DFID, British Council, giz, CMDO, WESNet, UNICEF, IRDP, UNDP (EIROP), DAI-USAID, UN-HIC, UN-Habitat, UNDP, PEPAC/Urban Unit etc,


Leading Heads

Abid Jan

… Abid Jan is a project management professional, who has completed his Masters in Environmental Management from University of London and a Masters degree in Chemistry from University of Peshawar. Abid has project management Professionals (PMDPro), Certification – authority APM Group, License# PMD/552100. Abid has completed several ArcGIS courses from map design fundamentals and workflow to spatial analysis.

Abid works very closely with communities, assisting them dealing with diversity and race relation, crime prevention and developing realistic and practical project plans in order to successfully secure attractive project funding and get projects up and running.

Abid also worked with International Development agencies such as UNDP, World Bank, Novib, GTZ and IUCN and UNICEF both as project manager as well as in advisory and consultant role.

Since 2004 Abid Jan has been working in community development sector in Ottawa where he conceptualized and implemented award winning initiatives. Abid Jan is currently working as the Director Strong Neighbourhoods and Child and Youth Strategies.

Over the years, he has regularly been a guest speaker at various national and international conferences, including presenting a paper at the Global Biodiversity Forum held in Sri-Lanka in 1999.  Abid’s work (community transforming  initiatives, books, training manuals) has been widely recognized.

Project Design & Management
Conceptual Analysis
HRD & Capacity Building
Monitoring & Reporting
Program Design & Delivery
Research and Evaluation
Abid Ullah Jan
Team Lead

Jackie Miller

Jackie Miller
OD Expert
Public policy and Advocacy
Conceptual Analysis
Strategic Planning
… Jackie has effectively managed Ministry-funded initiatives, including Internationally Educated Professional Conference, First Generation Students Project, Experienced Worker Centre, WSIB clients and Aboriginal portfolio (includes 14 projects in total) which led to increased opportunities for funding.
In her work with Algonquin College, Jackie developed partnerships within Algonquin College, and externally with non-profit foundations, local, provincial and federal departments, and corporations to collaborate on educational and workforce development initiatives to facilitate future opportunities for projects.
Jackie has successfully completed several strategic planning exercises with several agencies in her role as a consultant.

Sabtain Hussain Syed

… Sabtain Hussain Syed specializes in developing and implementation of the MIS system and Geographic Information System (GIS) with Geo-database Development, ESRI ArcGIS Software, ESRI ArcGIS Web Server, ESRI ArcSDE/GeoDatabase, MapInfo, ERDAS, ILWIS, GPS, Adobe Photoshop, web , Disaster Risk Management, Information Management & Land Revenue System integrated with GIS System.
Abid works very closely with communities, assisting them to develop realistic and practical project plans in order to successfully secure attractive project funding and get projects up and running.

Sabtain has completed several professional courses, including:
– Training of “Data Management in the Multiuser Geodatabase 10” in ESRI campus Edinburgh UK 2012.
– Training of “Introduction to ArcGIS Server 10” at Netherland ESRI Europe Office Rotterdam 2012.
– Training of “ArcGIS Server 10: Web Introduction and Administration” at Netherland ESRI Europe Office 2012.
– Training workshop of “RS City analysis workshop with UN-Habitat & National Statistical Offices” at the JRC’s Ispra in Italy from 2011

Customize Google Map API code
MS Access
mySql, SQL-Server & SPSS
GIS Databases
Visual Basic, VBA & PHP
Sabtain Hussain Syed
GIS Specialist