Developing Meso Level Institutions

portfolio1bigDeveloping Meso-Level Institutions
by Abid Ullah Jan

Published: 2001


Table of contents




Chapter 1 Community Development a Global Perspective
Community Development a Global Perspective
Empowerment and Rural Development
50-Years of Rural Development in Pakistan

Chapter 2 Revisiting Community Development
If poverty is the question
Rethinking Community Development
Understanding the neglected meso-level in grassroots institutions
Ways to real empowerment
Power and participation

Chapter 3 Developing Local NGOs
Stage 1 Institution Building at Micro level
Measuring maturity of Grassroots Institutions
Assessment Forms
Monitoring Forms
Stage 2 Institution Building at Meso Level
Capacity Building at Meso Level
Judging successful RDOs
Strengthening Grassroots Institutions

Chapter 4 General Process of Community Mobilisation

Step 1 to Social Mobilisation
The Goals
The Target Community
The Needed Skills
The Basic Concepts
Outside Resources

Step 2 to Social Mobilisation
The Mobilisation Cycle
Paving the Way
Awareness Raising
Open Dialogue
Challenge the Community
Needs prioritized by the Community
Strengthen the community

Step 3 to Social Mobilisation
Forming the Core Committee
Situational Analysis
Preparing an Action Plan
Project Design, Proposal, outside resources
Monitoring arrangements
Organizing for Action

Step 4 to Social Mobilisation
Implementing the Community Plan
Community Newly Generated Needs
Needed Skills
Communication between Core committee and General Body

Step 5 to Social Mobilisation
Community Leadership and Internal Mobilisation
Learning from mistakes
Sustainability or phasing out
Participatory Institutional Development
Phases in Community Organisation
Forming Inter Group Association (IGA)
Fund raising activities of a IGA
Strengthening Local Institutional Linkages
Strengthening Organisational Linkages
Strengthening through village cadre


Chapter 5 Development in Sociological Perspective
Community Organisation
Social Communication
What is Culture?
Social Problems
General principles for Social Organisers

Chapter 6 Interpreting Participation
Dependency Syndrome
Combating Dependency
Participation defined
Why Participation?
Nature of participation
The Pros and Cons of Participation
Five Key Operational Issues in Promoting Participation
Strategies for Participation
Principles of participation
What has gone wrong

Chapter 7 Facilitating Social Mobilisation
Facilitating community Organisation
Social Organiser as Active Facilitator
How does an SO Facilitate Mobilisation
Designing A Meeting
Opening a Meeting
How to Welcome VO members to the Meeting
How to introduce yourself
How to have VO members introduce themselves
How to Introduce a Meeting
How to gather VO member expectations
How to Lead Community Organisation Discussions
How to prepare for a VO discussion
How to start a discussion
How to encourage continued discussion
How to record the discussion
How to get more involved into the discussion
How to Handle problem behavior constructively
How to Handle Side Conversation
How to respond to people making the same point repeatedly.
How to Handle Non relevant comments.
How to handle difficult participants.
How to extract key points from a VO discussion
About brainstorming, A form of VO discussion
How to conduct a brainstorming
How to get brainstorming started.
How to get diverse ideas.
How to get many ideas
How to get ideas fast
How to record ideas
How to manage the time for brainstorming
Helping a VO reach consensus
How to define a consensus decision
How to facilitate consensus reaching
How to help a large community Organisation reach consensus
How to manage conflict in community organizations
Rational sources of conflict
Emotional sources of conflict
Dinosaur Brains
The construction of Human brain
Lizard Logic
Strategies for managing conflict
How to facilitate team building in the VO
Advantages of VOs working as teams
Understanding team formation
Functional and dysfunctional behavior in VOs
How to help a VO through the forming stage
How to help a VO through the storming stage
How to help a VO through the Norming stage


Chapter 8 Tools for Social Organisers
Participatory Rural Appraisal
Social Assessment
Approaching the community
The Art of Asking Questions
Social Organisation Tool Kit
Decision Making
Procedure for VO
Factors in Evaluating Projects
Project: Help or A Hindrance to Transformation
Some Key Definitions