CommDev Creates with Purpose


What we do

We provide technical assistance and project management for development programmes in the developing and developed world.

With our certified project management expertise, we provide quality services ranging from consultations to project project design, implementation and evaluation.

We have over 26 years’ experience in community development in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Canada.

We have a core team of professional consultants complemented by an extensive network of specialists whom we engage on a project-by-project basis to meet specific community project requirements.

CommDev Creates With Purpose

The articles, manuals, reports, presentations and documentaries on this site are produced to share knowledge and leverage success – give community development practitioners and community leaders an opportunity to learn from each others experience. The hope is to make this a source of motivation and inspiration for community change!

Two-fold Work

To develop best practice in various key aspects of community development such as crime prevention, safety, green space and neighbourhood restoration.

* To support the establishment of new, innovative community development models and relevant tools for the front-line staff and community leaders, with an explicit approach to sharing innovations and helping replication of successful approaches elsewhere.

* Provide Canadian communities with tools and reference materials available for implementing/replicating successful community development initiatives.

* Help community members get involved in a collaborative effort to address their local problems.

* Make available community development tools, information and other resources required to bring about focused changes to their neighbourhoods.

* Better equip community leaders and front-line staff of social service agencies to become meaningfully engaged in social development, crime prevention, community safety and other locally directed community change strategies.

* Put a continuum of community development strategies in place for problem solving at local neighbourhood level.

* Help various agencies collaborate effectively and work in an integrated manner to deliver social, health and other community services to individual Canadians.