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No Community Left Behind (NCLB) is a community development initiative for crime prevention through social development, which Abid Jan conceptualized in 2004 and successfully implemented in partnership with the community service agencies, funders and community leaders in Ottawa.



Community Development Framework (CDF) was launched in 2008 to replicate the NCLB approach city-wide. Working with the City of Ottawa, Abid Ullah Jan facilitated the process of strategic planning, framework development, knowledge transfer and capacity building of the partner organizations.


Since 2010, Abid Ullah Jan has been shaping strategies for the Strong Neighbourhoods priority goal. An advisory body, called Ottawa NeighbourhoodsSocial Capital Forum (ONSCF) has been convened to guide the process toward creating safe and vibrant neighbourhoods in Ottawa.


In 2000, Abid Jan reviewed the GTZ-Germany funded 18-year long poverty alleviation program in Mardan Pakistan and developed a post-project phase of transferring the project work to a local non-profit organization in a unique way of empowering meso-level organization to lead the change. The fully functional organization is now known as IRSP, Mardan.





“Abid Ullah Jan”

CommDev Consulting is an independent consulting company dedicated to delivering excellence in community–building.

Our mission is to help community development leaders in multiple sectors develop a deeper understanding of core issues, such as poverty, crime, child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, health disparities, and racism,  and applying the right strategies to address them.

We specialize in planning, economic market analyses, grant preparation, and program implementation in the areas of housing, economic development, infrastructure, downtown revitalization, and community facilities.

The articles, manuals, reports, presentations and documentaries on this site are samples of our work to share knowledge and leverage success – give community development practitioners and community leaders an opportunity to learn from each others experience. The hope is to make this a source of motivation and inspiration for community change!


The CommDev work is two-fold:

  • To develop best practice in various key aspects of community development such as crime prevention, safety, green space and neighbourhood restoration.
  • To support the establishment of new, innovative community development models and relevant tools for the front-line staff and community leaders, with an explicit approach to sharing innovations and helping replication of successful approaches elsewhere.


provides a full range of services.
construct strategic responses to support organizations in achieving their goals
specializing in public policy, research and community development.

Helping Youth Develop Skills

Laying the foundation for lifelong success.

Youth Path to Success

Helping kids in at-risk N’hoods be their best. New ways to engaging youth in after school hours :

Impact Recognized

At Child Friendly City Day in Ottawa. November 10, 2008 for the successful initiatives in Ottawa South N’hoods.